Shutlingsloe & Three Shire Heads from Macclesfield, Peak District

Guided Walking in the Peak District

This is a great guided walk on the western edge of the Peak District. 

Maximum group size - 8 people

This guided walk starts in the valley of Wildboarclough, where a local myth suggests the name comes from it being the location where the last wild boar in England was killed.

We start by walking up Cumberland Brook, which is quite rough and stony in places. We next follow a small stream up past some small waterfalls and onto the open moors to reach Danebower. As we start heading down again we pass the remains of old Quarry workings and coal mines which show some of the areas past history. This is a great area for spotting wild moorland birds, particularly during spring and summer when they come here to breed.
We now walk alongside the River Dane down to the beautiful Three Shire Heads with its packhorse bridge, waterfalls and pools.  The Panniers Pool marks the meeting point of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire, hence the name. 

After a break for lunch we head up and over Cut-thorn Hill and back down to Wildboarclough, with great views to Shutlingsloe, known as the "Matterhorn of Cheshire" due to its distinctive shape. This is actually the highest point of the day, with a height of 506m (1660ft) and has an amazing 360° view. There are a number of different routes up Shutlingsloe depending on preferences, some steeper than others but all are a fairly stiff climb up and down again.

Once we have taken in the views from Shutlingsloe we will take one of the routes back down to the valley of Wildboarclough and a short walk back to the cars.

Walk Details

Price: £49


The walk is mostly on good tracks and smaller footpaths and includes 3 fairly long hills. The first hill is up almost from the start to the summit of Shutlingsloe, a climb of 250m (820ft), the top part of which includes fairly large stone steps. The second is up from Wildboarclough, a climb of 150m (500ft) and lastly up around the shoulder of Shutlingsloe on the way back, a climb of 175m (575ft). At any time of year there could be some muddy sections, especially on the way up towards Cut-thorn Hill. There is a fairly steep descent off Shutlingsloe in the morning.

Recommended Equipment & Clothing

Any questions please email or call me on 07928677626